marți, 30 septembrie 2014

Call for EU project for the next 5 years!

Caught between the appointment of the new EU leaders (European Parliament, European Commission, Council) and global crises involving the Islamic State, Russia, energy, unemployment among young, and immigrants in the Mediterranean, politicians run the risk of forgetting the message given by the European citizens too quickly. In May 2014, four months ago, the European Parliament was populated with a large number of anti-European or Eurosceptic MEPs as a result of the European elections. How did Europe react?

Having spoken
with decision makers in Brussels recently, I come to the conclusion that the European Union must "enter the market" quickly with a mechanism to discuss the direction in which the current EU structure is heading. I do not think that a repetition of the European Convention, like 12 years ago, would have a positive impact - do not forget that in 2005, member countries brutally rejected the proposal of a European Constitution as proposed by the European Convention. To launch an IGC (Intergovernmental Conference) might lead to something more sustainable. The idea of a new European Treaty is strong, but the political risk of ratification in all 28 European countries is very high.

I would call for the launch of a debate about the future of European Union over the next five years. European citizens need to be involved in a macro project for which the entire European political class (including the heads of EU Member States as well) is responsible.
Sticking one’s head in the sans would destroy the European project.

The key to re-launching the European project is in the hands of the MEPs. They are elected via national lists and have a mandate in the EU legislative process. Moreover, they have the power to lead the EU and its citizens to something better, to develop sustainable growth of the “European tissue”.

Do not hide in EP commissions and technical reports, or show up on national television complaining about the future of the EU. Change your approach! Be strong and responsible in Brussels in order to form the critical mass necessary for a project with impact.

MEPs are the catalyst of the new European Union.

You have direct access to the leaders in the EU Member States. Explain that "Without Europe, the country would be left with a blank spot!"

Involve the private sector and civil society
in the new Europe project! Do not block cooperation via technical debates, institutional, without color.

Give a human face to public debate, be the advocate of a refreshed EU!

Let's make the EU project a success!

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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