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What will be important in 2015?

From a European viewpoint…

2015 is officially the "European Year of Development", but politically the upcoming elections in the UK (May 2015) will most likely intensify tensions in and reporting on the UK when looking at the European Union and even London's EU membership.

If 2014 was the year of the elections and new faces in the European institutions, 2015 should be a year of ACTION. The approach to the crisis will be crucial, whether we talk about Russia, unemployment, migration, the Islamic State or energy. The European system will enter an accelerated phase, on the one hand because the new team that installed itself at the Schuman Square, eager to promote their projects; and on the other hand due to European developments that have a direct impact on the debate about the future of EU institutions.

The new European Commission will launch a mechanism of re-industrialization of the EU, along with promoting digitization. It is a well-known project which is already put forward and promoted by Chancellor Merkel: Industry 4.0. Analysts detect indirect consolidation of German power in EU. France is more silent, hence the feeling that the two founding parties of the EU could start to feel a gap between them.

From Romanian point of view…

Romania, EU member, with strategic partnerships with NATO and the US as well, will require a clear positioning in EU-Brussels, considering both opportunities and dangers. We must also emphasize again the importance of a coherent representation as a country, also in Brussels. Romania's representation should be intensified, especially in light of the EU presidency in the second half of 2019.

And let us not forget the role that Romania can have in Moldova’s accession process to the European Union. Once the Association Agreement with the EU is signed, Chisinau is allowed to submit for application for membership in the second half of 2015. Following elections in November 2014, European leaders have said that Moldova will remain a reliable partner, and that we will work together to achieve the full benefits of the Association Agreement in the interest of all citizens.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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