miercuri, 9 decembrie 2020

Evolution of meta-concepts through the lens of the 2021 crisis

Although the current crisis forces us to be very pragmatic in order to survive, it is important to refer to several great contemporary projects. It is crucial to adapt everything to reality to prevent nostalgia from the past or hallucinations of the future.


If we refer to the European level, it is interesting to follow the evolution of five meta-concepts: deepening European integration, European sovereignty, global multilateralism, greening and digitalisation.


However, everything must be analysed through the lens of some major events of 2021: the pandemic crisis and vaccination; the economic crisis and the recovery plan, and the change in societal culture. The virtual environment is no longer something marginal, it becomes a fundamental space. It is the marker by which we organize our lives now and this gives fantastic possibilities for development not only in times of crisis.


We thus reach the main subjects to follow in 2021 such as: EU Health Union for a better coordination mechanism with member countries, anti-vaccine movements, the generic question how the crisis bill will be paid, Conference of Future of Europe, suggested to redefine the EU project. 


Next year we need to have more accurate answers to approaches about taxation (also digital tax), the French-German relationship, especially in terms of industrial reality, for example the Gaia X project; transatlantic relations; our relationship with Africa, the link with the UK, the supply chain back to Europe and the defence policy.


To make the equation even more complicated, two fundamental variables will be introduced: elections in Germany (September 2021) and elections in France (spring 2022).


Dan LUCA / Brussels

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