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Association Communication – how to work with the EU media

On the 2nd of April 2015, I was invited by Kellen Europe as one of the panellists during the Brussels event Euroconference 2015. I had promised the participants that I would not use a PowerPoint presentation, but that I would publish a blog message about some ideas on working with the EU affairs media. I will share this content also with other interested persons working in the area of communication for EU federations.

There are approximatively 1000 accredited journalists in Brussels, representing:
Ø  National correspondents from EU member states (like TF1, Le Monde, France Press, etc)
Ø  National correspondents from non-EU countries (journalists from China, Africa, etc)
Ø  International correspondents (like Financial Times, Reuters, Bloomberg)
Ø  Sectorial specialists (like Chemical Watch, ENDSEurope)
Ø  EU specialists (less than 5% of the Brussels based journalists)

Why do you need to interact with the Brussels media?
Ø  To communicate your position regarding the legislative process
Ø  To move an issue up in the policy agenda
Ø  You are organising an event
Ø  Your President is coming to Brussels
Ø  You are publishing a study

The important mix in your strategy to approach a journalist:
Ø  Policy hook
Ø  Relevant timing
Ø  Something to say

Practical advises, if you what to approach the EurActiv Media:

How do the journalists choose stories and links?
Ø  Monitoring EU institutions and private sector
Ø  Decide on coverage when relevant for EurActiv’s policy section
Ø  Balance fact-based reporting – not only based of one press release (media of the EU stakeholders)
Ø  Weekly planning on Monday morning (9:30 – Brussels & 11:00 – Network)
Ø  Long-term planning for LinksDossiers, Special Reports and policy news

How to inform the journalists about your policy papers?
Ø  Identify the relevant policy section (call for info the general number 02-226 58 10)
Ø  Contact the relevant section co-ordinator
Ø  See if EurActiv has a LinksDossier on the topic
Ø  Still subject to editorial decision
Ø  Do not forget about the language and EurActiv Network (present in 12 EU capitals + Serbia + Istanbul)

What would a journalist like?
Ø  Have a clear website (who you are and what you represent)
Ø  Anticipate the dynamics of EU legislation
Ø  Send your message to the correct journalist (press release, policy paper, report, etc)
Ø  Call in order to offer extra information
Ø  Scope regarding a specific dossier
Ø  Be on Twitter – active, retweet, engage with the journalist on social media
Ø  Have an opinion blog – launch it for free on EurActiv’s blog platform

DO NOT FORGET: You can also submit an opinion (Op-ed) – see the conditions at (750 words, picture, etc)

Regarding press conferences – no, please! Especially if you are a niche organisation!

More information regarding the communication of EU federations at:

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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