luni, 13 aprilie 2020

Dupã pandemie, cum sã utilizãm Conferinţa pentru Viitorul UE pentru a regândi societatea

Excelent matarialul semnat de eurodeputatul Nicu Stefãnuţã pe tema viitorului UE. Legatura dintre Conferinţa pentru Viitorul UE şi UE ca actor global de apreciat :

The mechanism for fixing the European society has already been instituted. It is the Conference on the Future of Europe. What the EU needs to do is to transform this from a simple debate to something more meaningful, more fundamental and more radical.

Today we are facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Tomorrow we may face an even bigger challenge. Let’s think about this crisis as a chance for the EU to lead the world to a better future, for all, together. To lead the way to a stronger, more prosperous Union. The way to a crucial international actor.”

Dan LUCA / Bruxelles

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