joi, 19 august 2021

Afghanistan and European policies

At the end of the summer, as usual, we try to plan the activity for the remainder of the year, but also to draw up the main points of next year.


From a societal point of view, the pandemic crisis is still present, and the question is whether we will really have a clear ending or whether this state of uncertainty will continue to hover during next year.


Of course, we are watching the German elections with great interest. From a macro point of view, however, we expect only stability from Germany, no matter which coalition will govern the country in the future.


At the level of France, the elections in the spring of 2022 are more complex than they seem. How many believe that Emmanuel Macron will reach the second round of presidential elections with Marine Le Pen again?


The debate on the future of Europe, at least in theory, is in full swing. We look forward to seeing the miraculous conclusions of the March 2022 report, planned to be a collective drafting exercise for the 400 million citizens…


But we need to talk about Afghanistan now. The unfolding of events in recent days raises enormous questions about the world order and even European society. Of course, the European Union has not played a direct role in this conflict, but the repercussions are enormous.


Allow me to launch just a few points of reflection:

How is the European defence policy influenced?

How will European countries react to taking on Afghan refugees?

Will the EU deepen the file of strategic autonomy?

Will the EU take the global lead in monitoring human rights in Afghanistan?

How will the Transatlantic Partnership evolve?

What is the new US initiative to regain international credibility?

How will countries like China, Russia or even Turkey play their role in this new world order?

What is the new approach on the counterterrorism agenda?

How can we advance discussions on global multilateralism?

What are the opportunities of the European project in the new global context?


Dan LUCA / Brussels

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