luni, 11 mai 2015

After the elections in Britain, we must quickly launch a debate on the Future of EU

After the election results in Britain, it seems that the brother of the Labour party leader, David Miliband, start to get “heated up” to take over the British Labour leadership. "They have lost five years with Labour", emphasized experts in Brussels. It's obvious that David Miliband will not be involved in the Party of European Socialists, a possibility that was discussed before the elections last Thursday. British Left needs him more than the European Union now.

David Cameron still insists on renegotiating his country's relationship with the European Union, despite civil demonstrations that broke out in London ... Angela Merkel praised the outgoing Prime Minister on the election outcome, but tied his intention to open negotiations on the status that the UK has for Brussels. French President Hollande said recently that there are matters determined by basic EU treaties that cannot be changed.

I think it is time for the EU to trigger a debate about the future of the European Union. Such a debate was avoided after the European elections in May 2014, but now it is definitely required. We must talk ample subjects, not only what can be done or not for the UK to stay in the EU, but also about what we can propose as a realistic project for Ukraine, the relation with Turkey, about the Balkans, about a union of citizens, not a coalition "European politicians and bureaucrats".

Who will give the seed to start off with such a debate? Juncker? Merkel? Others?

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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