vineri, 25 mai 2012

The Academy of European Studies

After I obtained my PhD in International Relations and European Studies, with a specialty in EU Communication, I developed a course called “EU Communication Techniques”, which I teach at universities in Brussels, to MA Students in Gorizia (Italy) and recently also at Romanian universities.

It’s a pleasure to meet students who are passionate about EU studies, most of them without even being in Brussels (yet). An idea for the European leaders would be to launch a New Education Programme, in which they provide funds to universities which offer EU studies to bring the students of those programmes to Brussels for (at least) one week of intensive seminar. The agenda of these visits should not only include EU institutions, but also contact with EU actors in the private sector – to get a feeling of the complete Community of EU Actors.

I also notice the trends of double specialisations in the higher education. It’s time that the “Academics of EU Affairs” is combined with other specialties. The offer of Gorizia which Communications and EU Affairs, UBI - business administration with EU Advocacy, are in line with this trend.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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