duminică, 16 decembrie 2012

Personal achievements of 2012

Indeed, I do like to evaluate my work from time to time, and even to introduce my intensions for the near future. December is the best time to analyse and evaluate 2012.

The consulting company that I coordinate in Brussels (DL International), launched two "products" this year, which were both very well received: a one-day training for those who want to work in Euro-Brussels (7 presentation sessions in the last 12 month – already preparing session in February 2013) and a half-day training for those seeking to launch profitable businesses in the capital of Europe (the inaugural session was on October 25, 2012 - the preparations of the next session on March 19, 2013 have started already).

This year I was also involved again to teach students the "secrets" of Euro-Brussels, both at the University of Brussels and the "Babes-Bolyai University” of Cluj (Romania).

I continued to write articles for Foreign Policy Romania (about Romanian positioning in Brussels), Capital magazine (consultants in Euro-Brussels), Ziarul Financiar (on finances of the European lobbying sector), PR Romania (Communication in EU Affairs), Cadran Politic (political communication), Cariere (HR in Brussels), Occidentul Romanesc (about the Romanian Diaspora), Faclia of Cluj (Cluj in the EU) - introducing those interested in the "mysteries" of EU Affairs from the source.

And last but not least I am very proud of the articles - more than 50 - published in English by the blog "House of Europe".

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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