joi, 8 ianuarie 2015

Comănescu and Orban: new presidential advisers with EU experience

The new president of Romania forms his team of advisers:

Lazãr Comãnescu, currently Ambassador to Germany, would take over the position of presidential adviser on foreign policy. Mr. Comănescu was Minister of Foreign Affairs between April 2008 and December 2008, and has an excellent knowledge of European and international issues. I had the pleasure to get to know him personally in Brussels during his tenure as ambassador to NATO and as Head of the Mission of Romania to the EU. In 2003 I founded Club "Romania-EU" Brussels, a platform of Romanians in EU Brussels. The study conducted in 2006 on "Romania footprint in Brussels" was a project that Romania has given a signal that he wants a structured relationship with the European Union.

President Iohannis also wants Leonard Orban in his team, responsible for European policy issues. A wise decision, given his experience in EU issues, both as a former European Commissioner and as Minister of European Affairs. As Commissioner, Mr Orban supported concrete solutions for more efficient networking of our country with the European system.

I think the team Comãnescu-Orban, together with the Foreign Ministry, can bring real added value to the project Romania 2015-2019. I see this as the starting point for developing ideas connected Romania to European influence, in preparing the Romanian Presidency of the EU.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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