marți, 10 martie 2015

How important is the partnership between universities and the business sector?

On 5 March 2015 I had the great honour to moderate the plenary session of the University-Business Forum, organized by DG Education and Culture of the European Commission in Brussels. The 450 participants discussed topics of great interest, but particularly the topics around “job crisis for young people in Europe” weighed in heavily during the event.

Some ideas from the discussion:

Tibor Navracsics (European Commissioner - Education, Culture, Youth and Sport): "There is still a problem with protection against the unknown - we are too conservative in some aspects".

Marite Seile (Minister of Education and Science in Latvia, who is currently holding the EU Presidency): "We need a permanent dialogue between the educational system and market requirements".

MEP Silvia Costa: "Let's also focus on informal and non-formal education".

Prof. David B. Audretsch (Indiana University): "In the past, universities were not connected to the economic system, but nowadays they have a clear role in the global economy. University culture has evolved, dictated by market reality. Education is not just science, but must also bring forth entrepreneurs".

Jo Lopes (Jaguar Land Rover): "Suggestions for better university-business relations: easy contracts, attitude towards cooperation, focus”.

Prof. Maria Helena Nazaré (President of European University Association): "We must build a mechanism of trust between universities and the business sector".

Prof. Ernst Schmachtenberg, (rector of the University of Aachen, President of CESAER): "The teacher becomes an interlocutor with the business sector".

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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