marți, 25 iunie 2019

Who is the European leader of the moment?

One of the most anticipated European Council has passed, but the main conclusion was "postponement of a new European Summit." The leaders of the EU countries do not yet have solutions for the European leadership of the next 5 years.

Instead of defending "European democracy," Spitzenkandidaten has tangled it even harder. Just to clarify an element, I'm a fan of the Spitzenkandidaten mechanism, but only if it is preceded by real European primary elections. I even proposed in 2010 a potential calendar for primary elections. The slogan of these appointments in congresses / "election pockets" does not give the Spitzenkandidaten legitimacy in the current formula of the European elections. I do not even believe in the so-called solution of the transnational lists. This would lead to a stronger European public sphere, but only to the quasi-elitist, transnational component. I believe in the Europeanization of national public spheres, not in the addition of a new "European sphere" that is not connected with the national reality, and too generalist to agree by citizens from member states.

Let’s see the developments in the following days. Citizens believed in the thunderous European reform, which is needed especially because of Brexit, but now they seem to be fooled. Yes, be fooled again by leaders who, like conjectural elite, decide about the future behind closed doors. The story of the leaders who decide on the night watch and press conference with Juncker at 2 o'clock does not look good. It takes a lot of maturity to save the European moment. Let us focus on the facts emerging from the reality of the European elections, the Council’s majority and the trust in the current European political figures.

The only viable person is undoubtedly Angela Merkel, and the EU's top institution is the Council. So Angela Merkel - President of the European Council. And as the Head of the European Commission, there is a need for a person with a national executive experience. Mark Rutte is my favourite.

Let's see what we’ll have on June 30, 2019...

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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