luni, 18 aprilie 2022

10 geopolitical questions for 2022


Plato, the Greek philosopher, said that most of the time the right question is much more important than the right answer. Without banalities, I will do this exercise, raising 10 questions to give us food for thought, a little more strategic than the daily routine. Most of the issues mentioned come from European geopolitics, but they can have a wide impact on the ordinary citizen.


1. Is society inclining towards a stronger polarization than in the 1950s, but with the same benchmarks as Washington and Moscow?

2. Is humanity now prepared to deal with a possible global crises, such as an economic or even ecological one?

3. Does the European Union have the power to move towards strategic autonomy involving defence capacity, mineral resources, agricultural products, economic development, the common budget, migrants and foreign policy?

4. Is communication with citizens still a priority for the European institutions or is the doctrine of peace within the European Union sufficient?

5. Is there a joint project between the government of Viktor Orban in Budapest and the European Union?

6. What is the new normal after the pandemic, given the social and cultural changes?

7. Is artificial intelligence the new Black Swan of the 21st century, a technological revolution whose effects on the future are very difficult to estimate?

8. What will the highlights of the next two years be, given that we will have elections in 2024 for both the President of the United States and the European Parliament?

9. When will Generation Z (current high school students, technology natives, followers of virtual interaction and less dedicated to career permanence) appear in leadership positions and in politics?

10. Do we still believe in SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)?


Dan LUCA / Brussels

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