joi, 22 noiembrie 2018

Policymakers seek CEOs input for Future of EU

The shaping of the FUTURE OF EU starts now. Brexit becomes reality next March, paving the way for a rebalancing of power within the EU. Leaders will decide Europe's future path at the FUTURE OF EU Summit (Sibiu, Romania) in May 2019. This will be the last meeting of EU leaders before the European Parliament elections.

In less than 6 months, the EU’s direction and policy priorities for the next 30 years will be decided: how to harness globalisation; how to deepen the economic union and the social dimension of Europe; how to shape the future of our climate and energy policies; how to create a European defence Union and how to streamline EU decision-making.

The EU is calling for corporate vision! Corporations have the power and capacity to provide solutions to policymakers. By creating jobs, boosting innovation and enabling socio-economic development, the industry's contribution is fundamental to ensure that economic opportunities will grow in the future.

This is the Momentum to communicate your vision and shape the FUTURE of your business in the EU.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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