marți, 26 noiembrie 2019

New European leaders with global responsibilities

In a few days, Ursula von der Leyen’s Cabinet will officially be installed in the Berlaymont building on Schuman Square. An extraordinary way of choosing the new European leader, who after 5 months of stress finally takes on her mandate...

I still believe that the main priority of the new set of European commissioners should be industrial policy on the Franco-German axis, but also through the strategic involvement of the New Hanseatic League.

The "Green Deal" - the new terrible child at European level - will only have the expected effect if we have an integrated approach with industrial policy, passed through a realistic discussion about who pays the energy transition bills at European level. However, this "green deal" will have a huge effect if the EU succeeds in applying the environmental standards to products from China. Something like "energy traceability and trade"...

Although many criticize the European structure, when viewed on a global scale, the EU is the champion of democratic multilateralism. Parliament, common currency, political decisions... are just some of the results that make ASEAN, MERCOSUR or the African Union jealous. Our generation participated in the democratization of the European continent. It may not be bad for our children's generation to discuss global governance, and the EU to be the catalyst for this evolutionary process. European political structures can of course play a role in the new global institutional construction.

Africa offers a geopolitical test to the new European Commission. The European Union has the historical chance to extend its influence to other territories, strengthening its role as a world power. Africa is the continent that is waiting for a rapprochement with Europe, but not within the framework of a Development Policy, but by launching a true Marshall Plan for Africa, as some politicians have recently stated.

Great attention needs to be given to the hasty movements of the French President. The vision for the integration of the Balkans, the attack to NATO on the anniversary clock, does not inspire comfort in the European community. And if Emmanuel Macron thinks he is preparing a final for Elysée in 2022 with the same Marine Le Pen, he is wrong. A real France, very anchored in Left politics, can push a candidate like Jean-Luc Mélenchon to the final, and Mr. Macron is mirroring Nicolas Sarkozy, a French president of the Right who did not enter the final in his re-election attempt.

I want to welcome the vision of the European Youth Forum in choosing Tirana as the European Youth Capital in 2022! I am glad that this signal is given to the young Albanians, the ardent supporters of Europe.

I cannot finish this message without joining EURACTIV’s team who celebrated in Brussels the 20 years of existence. I am happy to live inside the "European public sphere press" for 19 years... the story continues...

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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