vineri, 13 martie 2020

Political Project: The Evolution of World Governance

In a world plagued by a galloping crisis (COVID-19), globalization and multilateralism are being questioned again. At its 75th anniversary hour, the UN may more than ever seek its role in international society. It is not only the question of legality, but also that of legitimacy...

Following the developments of European parties since 2004, explaining their role to both journalists and students, I believe that European political parties can play a huge role in society.

We challenged these structures, as through their representatives, to express their opinion on the evolution of world governance, given that the European parties are fundamental in the activity of the most democratic European structure, the European Parliament.

It was not easy to identify the representatives of ASEAN, MERCOSUR or the African Union in Brussels. But it was worth the effort to involve them in this conversation.

The conclusion of the public debate, held in Brussels on March 5, 2020, is brilliant. There is a window of opportunity to open the debate on the Global Parliament, following the model of the European Parliament.

The parliamentary dimension of the global structure is clearly outlined, complementary to the current structure of the United Nations. In European terms, the current UN General Assembly is equivalent to the EU Council, and a Global Parliament can be inspired by the gradual construction of the European Parliament, the forum that represents the interests of citizens.

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Dan LUCA / Brussels

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