joi, 29 aprilie 2021

European Symbolism of National Recovery and Resilience Plans


The implementation of European funds is perhaps an even more interesting topic than Community policies. As expected, the presentation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans arouses enormous interest.


It was not surprising that these plans were jointly launched by the four major European powers: Germany, France, Italy and Spain. France and Germany perfectly synchronize their European steps. Brexit has greatly simplified the leadership of the European Union. Under the famous Treaty of Aachen, signed in January 2019, the Franco-German binomial of the 1950s was restored. Only through cooperation can French industry recover, and the European (industrial) champions' project is the perfect glove for an Emmanuel Macron under great internal pressure. And France can now take the lead in European defence in a European Union without Britain.


As early as a year ago, the French President said that we needed a European rescue plan equivalent to 5-10 points of GDP at EU level. And now we have this plan, even the national plans! Starting from this idea, France and Germany will probably advance the idea of ​​a common budget (only of the two countries), most likely followed by the expected euro budget at the level of the eurozone. There are two axes to strengthen a possible euro budget. The southern flank is represented by Spain and Italy, both countries with strong economies, but vulnerable to a possible economic crisis resulting from the pandemic. The approach of the new Hanseatic League on the subject of a euro budget is also to be followed. We have here of course the Netherlands, but also countries that have invested heavily in innovation and research such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland.


The current Commission considers that new developments are the basis for a new historic step at EU level. We already have the ingredients on the table: European autonomy, tackling the crisis (together, be it pandemic or economic), and coordination mechanisms at European level (National Recovery and Resilience Plans). We even have the framework discussion with the citizens, formally launched by the Conference on the future of Europe. The Council is of the opinion that the outcome of the Conference should be reflected in a report to the European Council in 2022. This document will most likely present the euro budget…


Dan LUCA / Brussels

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