vineri, 8 martie 2013

Romania, the ‘energetic player’

According to a publication, recently released by the European Commission, Romania ranks 3 on the list of energy independent countries among the 27 states, after Denmark and Estonia.

This performance was achieved as the country only imports 21% of the energy it consumes, while the EU average reaches somewhere around 53%.

"From a strategic perspective, the degree of energy independence is one of the most important indicators, an indicator that outlines a possible international profile and role for the country, being in the same category as strategic indicators showing the importance of equipment and combat capability of the armed forces or measuring the degree of population aging", as Razvan Nicolescu well observed.

Besides gas and oil, readily available to Romania, we also have to remember that developing renewable energy in the country is not bad.

In this context, Romania should play a strong role in the energy policy on a European level, but perhaps on a global level as well.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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