vineri, 12 martie 2021

Launch of the first Marketplace for EU Services

I have been involved in the fascinating world of European affairs for over 25 years. Even now, when the pandemic crisis imposes restrictions on interactions, we are moving forward with the European project. I am in the midst of an unprecedented legislative dynamic, and for over 20 years at EURACTIV we have been actively studying the evolution of the EU independent press.


Politics, technology and communication are the words that best define my presence. But these days bring me extra satisfaction! We have managed to launch the first Marketplace for EU Services!


For those interested in the product, I recommend either the recent press release, the video recording of the launch event or the announcement at the beginning of the year.


For communication enthusiasts, an interesting read is a history of product launches in European Brussels.


Take advantage of the new product launched, both in Brussels and on other meridians!


Dan LUCA / Brussels




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