luni, 18 ianuarie 2021

NEW: Marketplace for EU Services

In a few days, a useful service will be launched in Brussels for those working in European affairs.


EU Services is a new online marketplace by EURACTIV, similar to the Jobsite. It will operate on two levels:


1.   As an online marketplace where you can publish calls in order to search for service providers for your projects, such as: independent policy analyst, researcher, copyrighter, moderator for conferences, web designer, multimedia expert, social media advisor, creative agency, focused training, and much more. 


2.  As an online marketplace where service providers can find new open calls (projects/clients) to expand their business. Within the EU community, service providers are able to search based on keywords, specific sections, location, budget estimates and project deadlines.


For starters there will be 4 active sections: Public Affairs, Events, Training and Web Services. There will also be other segments, such as the facilitation of consortia for public projects, which is already available.


This marketplace for EU Services is not just for those operating in Brussels, it is a perfect tool to identify quality service providers in general.


Do you currently have any open projects and need to speed up your search for service providers? Fill in this one-page ‘call template’ form


We will publish your call for free with the launch of the EU Services platform, to ensure the best results in a timely manner.


Dan LUCA / Brussels

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