vineri, 22 ianuarie 2021

Legislators from both sides of the Atlantic call for a Transatlantic Erasmus

Two legislators from both sides of the Atlantic, MEP Victor Negrescu and Maryland State Senator Will Smith, set out their plans for the rebirth of transatlantic relations after the inauguration of President Joe Biden.Both of us call upon decision makers from both sides of the Atlantic to launch the idea of a new Transatlantic Erasmus designed to enable young people to travel, study, work and develop private, cultural and non-governmental initiatives together.


In the beginning of the year, Professor Vasile Puscas presented in an article published in EURACTIV the concept of the Euro-American society, underlining the need for a partnership for education: “A Euro-American Erasmus would contribute not only to the qualitative advancement of education, but also to that of research-innovation and cultural relations in the EU, the USA and Canada.

Dan LUCA / Bruxelles

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