miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2021

Towards a Euro-American society?

The year 2021 begins with a major political event, which Professor Vasile Puscas introduces in an article published in EURACTIV. The change at the top of the US administration is a good opportunity to synchronize agendas at European and American level.


The current leaders are called upon to have the courage to propose a common, impactful project that goes beyond sectoral approaches. A Euro-American legislative partnership could add value to the normative quality of international trade interactions, but also to other categories of relations in the international system.


There are other key sectors that need to be prioritized. A Euro-American Erasmus would contribute not only to the qualitative advancement of education, but also to that of research-innovation and cultural relations in the EU, the USA and Canada.


The transatlantic partnership should evolve from the concept of the Free Trade Area to a progressive integration of societies.


Dan LUCA / Brussels

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