miercuri, 24 octombrie 2012

The secret to finding a job in Brussels

Whatever you have accumulated in your years of formal education will not help if what you learn year after year is not worth putting in practice. I give one day trainings on “How to find a job in Brussels” and in parallel I give half day trainings on “Realizing your own business in Europe’s capital”.

The success of the training in educating those who want a job in European affairs leads me to continue doing so. Thus, on November 17, 2012, we scheduled another meeting for people interested in the requirements of a complete CV, in order to find employment.

My guest Anneli PROHASKA, an HR expert with experience in many organizations, NGOs and European federations, has agreed to provide the ‘secret’ to positively influence the selection process: improving the CV and motivation letter, as well as how you should present yourself at a job interview in Euro-Brussels.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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