luni, 30 iunie 2014

Innovative Tools for the 2014-2019 Mandate

EurActiv Institute is in the midst of organising an unusual event at the premises of the European Parliament for July 8, 2014. Several “project promoters” are aiming to highlight a range of the latest innovative tools available to MEPs during their 2014-2019 Mandate.

Over the last 15 years EurActiv has developed a unique concept of understanding the EU affairs landscape, both in Brussels and in the main EU capitals. Combining expertise in political science with communication and technology, EurActiv is now more than a media: it is a knowledge centre of expertise on practical engagement of stakeholders and EU communication techniques.  

Recent analyses show that it is crucial for MEPs to be consistent in their communication, with no obvious contradiction between national and European angles. This sounds easy, but it really is the key of the European construction. This is what the European commissioners are trying to do for years: to represent the EU “without privileging their country of origin”.

An MEP needs to communicate. They cannot hide, or better said: they can no longer hide. Modern technology, as pointed out by the Treaty of Lisbon, makes each of MEPs more visible. European and international press, and especially those publishing in English and German, really want to know where the EU is heading. It is therefore imperative that an MEP has a sustainable communication strategy, both to the national space (where he/she is elected), but also to the European public sphere (where the majority of the work takes place).

To support these developments I was appointed to lead the recently created EurActiv Institute. The Institute aims at offering high-quality training seminars, stakeholder workshops, conferences and Fellowship Programmes to media, corporations, universities, national administrations and MEPs.

Dan LUCA / Brussels


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