vineri, 13 iunie 2014

Romanian energy sector: active in Brussels

It was with great pleasure that I attended the second edition of “Romania ENERGY DAY in Brussels˝ as a moderator on June 10, 2014.

I'm glad to see that both Romanian MEPs and Romanians working in the European institutions give great importance to the presence of the Romanian energy sector in Brussels. The Romanian Energy Centre (REC) runs pioneering activities for Romanian industry. They are actively involved in legislative developments in the capital of Europe, and it is good that the Government of Romania and Romania's Permanent Representation in Brussels integrate REC’s opinion and developments in the national energy strategy.

Since the first edition of the Romania Energy Day in Brussels last year, a lot happened in Europe. Currently we talk about the crisis in Ukraine and Russia, about the Energy Package 2030, the Security of Energy Supply, and even about the possible future EU Energy commissioner for Energy (will it be a Romanian this time?).

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Dan LUCA / Brussels

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