duminică, 13 mai 2012

Promoting the EU via the works of Dan Brown?

It’s very interesting from a communication point of view, to analyses the books written by Dan Brown. The impact of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was huge, and the controversies born from it exceed the scope of the traditional literature circles and critics. Brown managed to create a discussion about Da Vinci’s oeuvre that could not have been imagined. From ‘Angels and Demons’ I learned a lot about the Vatican and the papal system – a real lecture of history, taught in the 21st century. Nowadays there are even tourist agencies in Rome that in addition to the Classical Rome, Imperial Rome and Religious Rome tours now also offer ‘Angels and Demons’ tours as a touristic attraction. ‘Deception Point’ takes us backstage at NASA, while ‘The Lost Symbol’ introduces us to the political scene of Washington and its workings.

I would really like to read a book that takes the reader backstage at the EU Institutions, full of mystery and suspense. Maybe a recent association of Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, with the Bilderberg Group can inspire political fiction literature about the EU community structure.

I suppose a book like that would make the EU and its mechanisms more famous than any of the institutional communication strategies can do. And this without financial support, for I am sure that Dan Brown will not apply for any institutional money to finance his book in order to promote European citizenship.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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Some people say Opus Dei is very powerful in the highest EU circles. And that some people meet in Brussels houses looking like the mansion Stanley Kubrick chose for "Eyes wide shut".