luni, 14 iulie 2014

It’s time to help Europe! It’s time to communicate!

Over the last 15 years EurActiv has developed a unique concept of understanding the EU affairs landscape, both in Brussels and in the main EU capitals. Combining expertise in political science with communication and technology, EurActiv is now more than a media: it is a knowledge centre of expertise on EU communication techniques.

To support these developments I was recently appointed to lead the EurActiv Institute. The institute aims at offering high-quality solutions on practical engagement of EU stakeholders. 

Sooner or later the EU and its institutions will come up with answers to today's problems, which in turn will generate new questions. Members of the European Parliament need to communicate. They cannot hide, or better said: they can no longer hide. Modern technology and the prerogatives issued from Treaty of Lisbon make each of MEPs more visible.

It is therefore imperative that an MEP has a sustainable communication strategy, both to the national space (where he/she is elected), but also to the European public sphere (where the majority of the work takes place).

It is crucial for MEPs to be consistent in their communication, with no obvious contradiction between national and European angles. The key of the European construction is to represent the EU without privileging your country of origin.

And I have good news! From now EurActiv is offering innovative tools for those MEPs who want their views to be known to more than 500.000 EU affairs experts.

It’s time to help Europe! It’s time to communicate!

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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