luni, 16 februarie 2015

Romanians believe in “PROJECT ROMANIA”

Earlier this year, a new IRES study revealed that 52% of Romanians believe that the country is going in the right direction, and well over half of the people surveyed believe that a project involving the whole country should be initiated by the President. In addition, over 90% of them indicate that now would a good time to launch such a project.

The study states that we are in a "moment where Romanians' optimism about the direction the country is going, is at one of the highest levels since 1997. This trend is maintained even following the presidential election in November 2014. 77% of respondents are confident and very optimistic about the situation in Romania in 25 years".

Industrial development is indicated by more than two thirds of respondents as the main pillar to drive economic growth in Romania, while the service sector is mentioned by 21% of respondents.

Romanians feel a potential for improving the national health system as well as the education sector, their living standards and the infrastructure, which is good. However, "on the other hand there are things such as purchasing power, life expectancy, the state of the environment, Romania's position in international competition and energy", which is extremely important dimensions of society as well.

In all I was glad to see that two thirds of Romanians believe that Romania can become a country with influence in the world in the future, and that 75% claims that Romania may become influential in Europe, for it is necessary to establish the appropriate team.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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