miercuri, 1 octombrie 2014

My great-grandfather, Lazãr LUCA - hero of the city Ocna Sibiului (Romania)

20 years ago, my father, Ioan LUCA, came into the possession of a priceless manuscript for my family. It is a historical book written in the period 1978-1982 by my father's uncle, the economist Simon LUCA.

There is a part describing the history of Transylvania in the early 20th century, and it includes a story which took place in spring 1914 in Ocna Sibiului, where my great-grandfather, Lazãr LUCA, started a high impact action, together with five other comrades. The story describes how the 6 risked their lives to save the land of Romanian peasants from Ocna, which we can now read about in the book “Romanian peasants’ uprising in Ocna Sibiului against land consolidation in the spring of 1914”. (“Revolta ţăranilor români din Ocna Sibiului împotriva comasării terenurilor agricole din primăvara anului 1914”)

Through an event with high sentimental value, held on 6 August 2014 by local authorities, my great-grandfather was declared hero of the city Ocna Sibiului.

In this atmosphere I found my family in Romania this summer! With a deep rooted pride I returned to Brussels, the capital of Europe. I am proud that my great-grandfather is a hero, and my grandfather, who crossed the mountains in 1915 and joined the Romanian army, and proud of my father as well, who at 76 years coordinated an entire team to publish a book of high importance to my family and the community.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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