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Spotlights for the European political year 2023

With this article, we are trying to identify the European political events that will mark the year 2023.


We have become accustomed to relating our activity to certain ongoing crises, such as inflation, increased energy prices or the crises caused by the war in Ukraine. Moreover, we are also talking about a possible digital crisis. The ˝.com crisis˝ from 20 years ago comes to mind. Many telecom companies fell massively on the stock market in those years, practically collapsing a sector that seemed very healthy at the time...


As relevant files for the year 2023, we have a revival of the EU's industrialization policy. Practical steps are expected at the level of the European industrial champions, but also clear tools in the European support of SMEs to develop global businesses.


Transatlantic relations will develop, but relations with other continents will also have a strong dynamic. Spain's European presidency, from the second part of the year, even has Latin America as a strategic priority.


European defense policy will continue to be developed, with the build-up of the EU's military capacity as a priority.


We will address the subject of the future of the EU, citizens need answers to the proposals resulting from the Conference on the future of Europe. We may even have a launch of the intergovernmental conference for a new EU treaty, even if there is a major risk of non-ratification.


2023 is a pre-election year at the EU level, and the entire political system is on the boil. There will be no impactful European primaries, as we mentioned 6 months ago. The last months have shown that such a procedure is not desired at the level of the European People's Party or the Party of European Socialists.


However, the ECR, the European Conservatives and Reformists, should be watched, both as a party and especially as a parliamentary group. The governments of Poland, Hungary and Italy are designing European strategies around this brand.


There will be constant play for the election or re-election of the President of the European Commission in 2024. The political picture will crystallize next year and this will enable us to anticipate much easier the decision in June 2024.


Dan LUCA / Brussels

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