joi, 1 august 2013

Dan LUCA: Infographic CV on the axis Brussels-Romania

My experience is now introduced in the form of a graphic presentation, using three levels of development: expert in European affairs, academic and political involvement.

Arriving in Brussels in 1996 as a trainee at the European Parliament, I experienced the first direct contact with the practical world of European institutions, and the "European players".

As founder of DL International, a consulting firm based in Brussels, I am in contact with the European institutions, the industry sector, consulting companies, NGOs, regional representations, but also with those interested in developing a career in European business through the courses that we organize.

I am a member of the Social Democratic Party and since 2008 President of PSD Brussels. In 2009 I was in an official candidate for my party in the European Parliament elections.

So far I have been involved in dozens of projects and European debates. I think the experience that I have gives further credibility to my proposed solutions to the development of Romania!

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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