duminică, 1 octombrie 2023

Dan Luca - Honorary Advisor to the Minister of Economy from Romania

With great pleasure I can announce that I have the honour of working directly with the Government of Romania as Honorary Advisor to the Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Mr. Radu Oprea.


I hope that my 25 years of experience in the world of European affairs will be beneficial to my home country of Romania. The declared objective of this cooperation is to find methods for the economic development of the country especially through a greater involvement at the level of sectoral policies. We want to have an inclusive approach, and work together with the business sector.


For transparency reasons, I would like to mention that the position is honorary, so not remunerated. Therefore, my main activity remains at EURACTIV as Vice President for Strategic Innovations.


In parallel, I will continue to lecture at various European universities on my favourite topics: European communication and media innovation. Of course, I will present my views on the dynamics of European politics through materials hosted by the Romanian media, the House of Europe blog or specialized books.


Dan Luca / Brussels

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