duminică, 23 februarie 2014

Money in European affairs, not just EU funds

Many of us think of EU funds, when they think of Europe, after which they quickly go from ecstasy to agony thinking about the bureaucratic process and their success rate, although it’s might have been growing in the last year. But Brussels goes beyond European funds as a legislative pole of power and a business opportunity. Like any opportunity, however, it does not only appear in front of just anyone who is interested in getting "fast business", but it aqiures a more medium and long term vision approach.

Indeed Brussels represents all the interests that matter in Europe, from the industries to the unions, from international to local, from the political to the civil society. And the political-legal agenda is always relevant for business interests because business is influenced by the quality of legislation, and it is therefore normal to be concerned about a successful legislative route. For influencing such a process, you cannot succeed alone: it means appealing to experienced consultants in the city, specifically trained in public affairs, but who also have technical expertise. They need to be practical people who can loud and clear translate the impact of legislative decisions on an industry and by default the jobs - the effects on people. But a journey towards success means a policy of alliances.

Given these means at its disposal, Romanian interests, whether industrial or otherwise, should benefit. Whether it entails appealling to European business consulting to maximize their interests (meaning: appealing to people, making contacts, networking in the city), or through alliances with counterparts, legal or personal. Alliances give rise to solidarity and maximizes the potential of collaboration: a legislative ally, with which to do business and find new opportunities for collaboration. Also keep up your friendships through visits, and make substantive contributions to a debate by supporting key moments through participation or joint organization of events, because lets not forget: out of sight, out of mind.

Most people understand that the interests of the Romanian community need a presence in Brussels. Information or representation is essential to meet the challenges of the EU legislative and market pressures - and Romania has already made a big step forward as an adult member of the European Union. It's important not to catch another "European population" Romanian Presidency of the EU Council in 2019. Hopefully by then we will have overcome the fear of the European lobby: it's normal to protect your interests, it is not immoral.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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