vineri, 29 iunie 2012

From Idea to Project Management

Over the last years, internet facilitated a platform where people launch lots of ideas. However, even though some are really good, the majority slowly gets lost because of a lack of strategy behind the ideas. Maybe there are too many ideas and leaders, and too few people that are willing to be part of a team to execute those ideas.

This made me think of an interesting solution for this problem. The idea I want to present is an ‘idea project manager’. With anything, it’s very important to have a clear structure of what one wants to do. There are four pillars that need to guide your strategy: Content, Administration, Communication and Budget.

Practically spoken, when you have an idea (content): how do you manage to realize it? What kind of team do we need to manage the project? In no-time the expression ‘I will need 2-3 people to come and work 10 for about hours in the office’ will pop-up. Of course this inevitably brings us to point 4, the budget: who will pay for the people and the office? Fundraising is about 90% of the work in a project and you will need to keep this in mind throughout the process. One idea can be a genius, but it will not be sold by default and any superficiality and arrogance will not help to collect the necessary funds.

I already touched lightly upon the third part: (external) communication, not something to take lightly. To communicate about a project is necessary from the first steps to the finish of the project and don’t forget that the media should be a friend if you want to succeed.

For all of this you need a project manager, a person that is responsible and ensures that the project is executed. Not only someone who launches ideas without proper follow-up.

If all looks wonderful, fluent and the project starts to provide results, it is because someone is taking care of it. Things don’t just happen because they happen or because you have a brilliant idea – things happen because people take care.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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