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What I did for the EU

Forbes took a very interesting initiative: they asked several personalities what they have done for their countries. Instantaneously I asked myself the same question, but to add an original touch, I asked myself what I did for the EU.

From 1993 until 1997 I coordinated activities for the local branch of the European Students' Forum (AEGEE) in Cluj. I organized events, with the main purpose to link Romanian student activity with the EU reality. Via these initiatives hundreds of young Romanians have a better understanding about the European system via conferences, seminars or summer universities, in short: via active participation. Later between 1997 and 1999, I was elected to sit in the European Board of AEGEE Europe, coordinating the Public Relations Department from Brussels.

In 1996 I founded an organization called 'House of Europe' in my home city Cluj with the main object to put together the local community and decision makers from Brussels. Existing more than 15 years, this organization did various projects which have an impact on the life of the citizens.

Founded by me in 2003, the Romanian-EU Club in Brussels is now the established platform for Romanians working in the capital of Europe. Via a study done in 2006 called 'Footprint Romania', we publicly presented the potential of Romanians in the EU.

In 2004 I was the co-founder of EurActiv in Romania – a technical media specialized in covering EU legislation and policy news. This portal helped thousands of Romanians to get a better understanding of EU Affairs before the accession into the EU, as well as after accession when Romania became a full Member State.

In 2007 I started a blog, which I still maintain, in order to give Romanians insights into the EU system.

Together with some friends from the Brussels community, since 3 years, under the brand 'Group Romania', we try to identify the direction of a possible evolution of the Romanian system, for a better anchor to the EU policies.

For more than 11 years, I contribute to the EurActiv project and moreover in the last 18 months I have the honor to coordinate the offices in 15 capitals across Europe.

After I obtained my PhD, I developed a lecture in 'EU Communication Techniques', which I teach to students in Brussels, Italy and Romania.

I wrote three books about the EU and its contemporary dilemma's, and published more than 1.000 articles about Romania and the EU. The main purpose of these materials is to create a dialogue on EU citizenship.

Less than one year ago I set up a one day intensive course, helping people to find a job in euro-Brussels, complementing knowledge on the well-known public sector with my expertise and experience in the private sector.

And finally, through my candidature for the European Parliament elections in 2009, I tried to explain the citizens that the EU makes sense, and that political implication is needed for one who wants to assume his or her responsibilities.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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