luni, 6 ianuarie 2014

Dan LUCA – practical communication between Romania and Brussels in 2013

I like to interact with people, to feel the "pulse" of events I attend, to be at the heart of the "European project".

My involvement in streamlining the process of integration, and developing the connection between Romania and the European Union is not just a "story" which could be quickly forgotten. I'm trying to make an effective contribution to what I think is worth doing, as evidenced by my presence at the Romanian events not only in Brussels, but at debates in major European capitals (Berlin, Paris, Rome, Warsaw). Additionally, I try to launch projects in Romania regarding European impact.

Doing academic work in Brussels and Romania gives me satisfaction, and the knowledge that there is interest from students to really understand the decision-making process in Brussels. Working on topics like intercultural communication, Euro-Brussels, or the map of stake holders in the EU, aroused profound debate in 2013.

Already writing articles and corresponding for over 16 years from Brussels to Romania, gave me the courage to publish three books, the last one being published in autumn 2013.

In 2013 I was able to reach people's homes via television broadcasts, mostly live, and for me this matters much. Local television and newspapers are a good medium to explain concretely how those "small topics" that arise in Brussels’ legislative decisions, impact the lives of every citizen. Various interviews published in professional publications gave me the opportunity to customize the ideas that I try to convey.

It is a huge task to follow the EU on several levels: academic, consulting, communication, politics, the Romania – Brussels dimension. But what can be more beautiful than the reality we live in?

I hope you have the strength to continue in 2014 on such a solid basis!

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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