vineri, 13 septembrie 2013

How would Obama adapt the European electoral system?

What would happen if the United States, at the federal level, would have the same electoral system like the European Union? And maybe even more interesting: how would Obama be as a leader in the EU?

I studied the theoretical and practical angles of European communication on a daily basis for years. I'm really glad that various European universities have invited me to educate students or postgraduates on EU communication techniques. But, deepening my knowledge on the topic, I realize more and more that it is an impossible task and if this task possible success is based on a kind of manipulation.

Again, and I will always say that the European Union is a clever design, but it must evolve. It is clear that a large majority of European citizens want a strong European Union, with a Chief Executive that is democratically validated, and responsible while solving the problem of complexity.

For several years now, Obama has become the idol of many politicians. His political brand is the best known, also in the European Union. The U.S. president has merit, but also a system to “invent“. I have written already with admiration about the American system, in which those who have the power are able to fight for it ˝in the open˝, not behind closed doors. Politics, democracy and communication must be seen in the same array, there are no fireworks with a short-term impact.

Obama is a product of the American system, already well established, as we have seen other American leaders elected at least every 8 years. In the EU system, such leaders would be “diluted", drowned in technical and bureaucratic anonymity.

The EU now has the Lisbon Treaty and Europe is a title richer: "EU President". I say a title, because again it is not gained through democratic elections. It's like Obama would not run a campaign of 2 to 3 years to become president of the United States of America, but gets the position (or title) from the system as a "political recognition of its work so far" in Illinois. Come on! Let's try to wake up and be realistic to the end.

Dan LUCA / Brussels

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